They foresee a 15% drop in toy sales in 2020

Last october, the toy industry in Mexico estimated a 40 percent drop in its sales derived from the coronavirus pandemic, but after carrying out his initiative of the Super Child Day and the Good End campaignThey now expect the reduction to be only 15 percent.

Miguel Ángel Martín González, president of the Mexican Association of the Toy Industry (Amiju), commented that thanks to these commercial strategies they were able to reduce their annual sales reduction estimate from 40 to only 15 percent.

« This year had chiaroscuro with good parts and nothing good, the good part is that electronic commerce had a significant take off, it went from 5 to 15 percent of annual sales, but on the other hand the traditional market contracted 38 percent » he commented.

Now wait that the christmas season, which includes the celebration of Kings Day, can help the industry because there are already better market prospects.

« The toy is a staple product in many homes with children, it is part of the moments of joy and training, as many countries in the world consider it (…) In an optimistic perspective we hope to achieve a loss in sales of 15 percent, ”he explained.

He also said that the pandemic changed the supply chains of companies what they manufacture toys in china to be sold in the United States, so Mexico becomes a relevant base for the attraction of these production lines that were previously in the Asian country.

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