OMA will invest 6,741 million pesos for expansion in Monterrey

North Center Airport Group (AOM) increased the investment to be made to the Monterrey airport expansionWell, now it will allocate 6,740.8 million pesos, 58.8 percent more than that announced at the end of last year.

The company announced its Development Master Plan in which investments of 11 thousand 979.6 million pesos are contemplated that will be used in the expansion and remodeling at the 13 airports operating for the next five years.

Of the total investment, the Monterrey airport represents 56.27 percent of the total, due to the expansion projects contemplated by the company in it for the next five.

Monterrey airport will take more than half of the investments because important expansions are planned, said the department of analysis of Intercam Bank.

« Our main projects ongoing include; expansion and remodeling of Terminal A of the Monterrey Airport; expansion of Terminal C in Monterrey; expansion and remodeling of the Terminal building in Tampico; modernization of the Terminal building in Zihuatanejo; and it works on runways, taxiways and aviation platforms at various airports, ”Ricardo Dueñas, CEO of the company, told analysts.

In its report for the third quarter of the year, the company indicated the first phase of your project, which is expected to enter into operation in 2022, includes the expansion of Terminal C and the construction of Wing 1.

With this expansion, the capacity of lto Terminal C will register an increase of 48.4 percent, from 3.1 million passengers to 4.6 million, while the total area of ​​operations of the company will go from 61,520 square meters to 76,943 square meters, 25 percent more.

The company detailed that the second stage It includes the construction of Wing 2 and the expansion of public and private areas of Terminal A, which are expected to come into operation during 2025.

Carlos Gonzalez, director of economic, exchange and stock market analysis of Grupo Financiero Monex, said that « we consider that the approval of the PMD is neutral for the issuer, since it does not contemplate important modifications at the level of term and atypical investments compared to previous periods. »

Based on the program, in the next five years the higher investments It will do them in 2022, when they will add 2,526 million pesos, which will represent 21 percent of the total programmed for this period.

Regarding the expectations in the entity, the manager commented that Nuevo León has basically been in code orange for quite a few months, unlike other states that have dropped to a lower risk level of yellow which has affected their passenger traffic.

“So, I think that to the extent that they allow more economic activities by having a yellow code or eventually a green code, that would be the catalyst for Monterrey’s traffic to recover ”, he indicated.

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