These are the 29 projects of the second infrastructure agreement between the Government and the IP

The second infrastructure project agreement was presented this Monday by the Government of Mexico and the private initiative.

In this announcement, in which the Ministry of Finance and the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) participated, emphasis was placed on the great opportunity it represents for economic and employment recovery.

The new agreement represents a total of 29 projects, with an investment that amounts to 228 billion pesos.

The first pact, announced on October 5, consists of 39 infrastructure projects for a total of 297 billion pesos.

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IP agrees with Q4 to invest 297 billion pesos in infrastructure

These are the 39 infrastructure projects announced by the Government and the IP

The projects of the agreement this Monday cover various sectors: energy, communications, transport, water and environment.

Of the 29 projects of this new pact between the Government and the IP, there is one that has already started its construction, according to the calendar presented by the Treasury.

It’s about the highway Naucalpan-Ecatepec, with an investment amount of 20 billion pesos and that began on November 20.


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