Government and IP announce 9 new energy projects for 116 thousand 705 million pesos

The Government of Mexico, together with the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), presented its second package of infrastructure projects on Monday, in which they consider nine new developments in energy that add up an investment of 116 thousand 705 million pesos.

There are four more projects than those shown in the first package that was published on October 5 and the injection of capital into energy is 17.9 percent higher.

The most important of the projects is the gas terminal which is building Infraestructura Energética Nova (IEnova) which is being developed in Baja California and will have an investment of 47 billion pesos. The company is only waiting for permission to export.

The rest of the projects are developments opened by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) to private investment, of which six are power plants.

Oscar Scolari, CEO of Rengen, highlighted in a previous conference the importance of taking private capital into account to carry out the projects of the second package and stressed that it is not necessary for foreign companies to invest either.

« There are Mexican companies that can respond to the need and we were not allowed to participate, we do not need them, we can do it ourselves, » he explained.

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