WhatsApp: a new tool to search for stickers arrives

The WhatsApp application remains in constant innovation, new functions are being introduced on this platform every time, it is now conducting tests for a new tool that will be the sticker search engine, for now they continue to work for the version of the iOS operating system, this novelty will be well received by users.

According to the WABetainfo portal, the update is being tested in version and in its first stage it is only for the stickers that are already installed within the application.

With the new function you can find the stickers. Photo: Reforma

How will it work?

The search engine will be added in the stickers section for each of the chats in the lower left area through the magnifying glass icon.

The user only has to click on the magnifying glass and the search bar will be displayed in the upper area of ​​the section, there he will be able to write a word that serves to identify the sticker.

In addition, one of the options that the function will integrate is to have several categories, in order to group the different stickers, what makes it more interesting is that you can classify from some emotions such as happiness, love, sadness, anger, etc.

As mentioned this function is still in trial version. However, it is estimated that it will be available soon for all Apple users. It can also be used through the WhatsApp Business platform.

This is linked to the immense adjustments that WhatsApp is making, which has more than 2 billion users worldwide.

Among the innovations he is working on are the changes to the Archived section, in it the modification will be added read later, its function will allow chats to be hidden indefinitely despite new messages arriving.

Likewise, it is testing to incorporate calls and video calls into its web version, in which a pop-up window will appear to the user with the option to accept or reject the incoming call.

During the first days of November, the platform integrated the option of messages that self-destruct after a certain time, which is for both individual and group chats.

With this tool, the user selects in the chat the option of Messages that disappear and those that are received will be automatically deleted after a period of seven days even if the person has not read them.

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