Travel to meet the magical towns of Hidalgo

Magical towns are full of magic, stories and charm and those of gentleman they are no exception.

The state of Hidalgo has six Magical Towns: Huasca, Real del Monte, Mineral del Chico, Huichapan, Tecozautla and Zimapán, full of attractions, parties and delicious gastronomy that invite you to visit them.

Huasca, the first Magic Town

Huasca was the first Magic Town in Mexico on October 5, 2001, its charm lies in its mining origin, in the roofs of the red-tiled houses, in the stories about magical beings that inhabit its forests and in the warmth of its people.

Here the former Haciendas stand out: San Miguel Regla, Santa María Regla, San Antonio Regla, San Juan Hueyapan, some of them converted into hotels.


Real del Monte, a high place

It is a town that invites you to get lost in the labyrinth of its streets, its colorful houses and alleys suitable for romance. Among its attractions are the English Pantheon, the La Dificultad Mine Site Museum, the Museum of Occupational Medicine, the Acosta Mine Site Museum and the Paste Museum (Remember to eat one in this town), El Hiloche Forest and Peñas loaded

Mineral del Chico, ecotourism paradise

For decades El Chico, as it is known by the locals, has been the scene of sports and recreational activities, and is currently considered the mecca of adventure tourism.

Here you can practice mountain biking, sport fishing, hiking, camping, abseiling, zip-lining and especially rock climbing.

Huichapan, Cradle of Independence

Huichapan preserves its viceregal architecture and is known for El Chapitel where from its balcony, on September 16, 1812, the cry of Dolores was commemorated for the first time, on its second anniversary. The event was led by Ignacio López Rayón and Andrés Quintana Roo.

Mineral del Chico is one of the Magic Towns of HidalgoCourtesy

Tecozautla, the oasis of Hidalgo

Tecozautla is a natural paradise located within a great valley composed of plateaus of geological faults and a set of volcanic domes that cover its surroundings. The climate of the Magic Town allows tourists to enjoy its streets and spas, its pre-Hispanic sites and cave paintings.

Zimapán, mining capital

Zimapán is known as the Mining Capital, named for the richness of its land, since it is the only place in the world where vanadium can be found. In Zimapán the beautiful landscapes that surround it stand out, where you can practice paragliding or some extreme outdoor sport and relax while camping.

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