Companies evade 21 thousand million pesos per year through illegal subcontracting: Ramírez Cuéllar

Companies that illegally subcontract evade about 21 billion per year both from the Income Tax (ISR), through false deductions, withholding and not knowing, as the Value Added Tax (VAT), through improper accreditation, said the deputy of Morena, Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar.

For this reason, he called on both legislators and parliamentary groups, as well as businessmen, to work together in the approval of the initiative proposed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, because it would mean « a great advance » in fiscal and labor matters .

“It will allow greater control to companies dedicated to false billing and tax evasion, avoiding false deductions, non-withholding and not finding out; in addition to enforcing the quotas to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and INFONAVIT, which will benefit around 71 million people who do not have social security ”, he highlighted.

According to the legislator, the Executive’s initiative seeks to regulate labor subcontracting, which has been used as a simulation mechanism for contracting to the detriment of workers’ rights, because its use has a direct impact on the elimination of various benefits, thus like the evasion of the payment of social security contributions and the payment of taxes.

He referred that, according to the INEGI Economic Census 2019, in recent years the practice of outsourcing has increased from three million 578 thousand 247 people hired under this practice in 2014 to four million 685 thousand 356 in 2019, which implies an average annual growth rate of 5.5 percent.

He argued that it is estimated that in Mexico there are about 1,200 companies with illegal subcontracting whose workers do not have labor rights or the declaration of the real amount of their wages.

“To this is added that less than half are duly registered and of those that have a registry, only a small part pays taxes, so that labor subcontracting has become a public problem that represents losses to the treasury and rights. of the workers, ”he said.

On the other hand, he pointed out that data from the 2019 Economic Census show that many subcontracting companies fail to comply with their tax and social security obligations, since labor subcontracting is intended to reduce costs through tax evasion by simulating acts that have tax effects and when hiding or disguising employment relationships.

He considered that tax evasion hurts the country in various ways, because it reduces the government’s capacity to provide public services, health services, pensions and housing.

“Outsourcing generates that workers have less credit capacity, in some cases they are forced to postpone said decision; or once the credit is granted, the ability to pay the worker is limited. It also influences the medical services to which working people are entitled.

“This undermines the rights of workers and has contributed to the precariousness of work in our country. Additionally, the lack of payment of the mentioned quotas negatively impacts the coffers of the treasury, the IMSS and INFONAVIT ”, he highlighted.

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