When does the IMSS pay the December pension and Christmas bonus 2020?

Mexican workers who are retired through the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) have the right to receive their pension payment each month. That is why it is important to be aware that the deposit is made, to enjoy the benefits, the result of the work they have done for years.

The payments made by the IMSS are scheduled in advance and are published at the beginning of each year. Only in the case of an extraordinary situation, payments can be made before or when the institute marks it. Here we will explain when the December pension is delivered, in addition we will tell you information related to the payment of your Christmas bonus.

We tell you when they pay the pension and Christmas bonus. Photo: Reforma

As stipulated by the IMSS, the pension deposit is made on the first business day of each month, only if it is on a non-business day, the payment is made on the last business day of the previous month. On this occasion, payment must be made on Tuesday, December 1, unless the health authorities or the IMSS indicate otherwise.

The second part of the Christmas bonus will be held on the same day, December 1. It should be remembered that the first part of this benefit was made on October 30. So if you receive a pension from the IMSS you must be aware that the corresponding deposits are made. Pensioners from Afores or from another insurer maintain their own dates to receive the monthly payment.

Who is entitled to receive this payment

The pension payment is granted to retired and retired workers who worked during the established years and who met all the requirements to be entitled to this benefit, one of them having worked all the years marked by the IMSS.

In the same way, people who retired due to a permanent disability such as an illness or accident, or the beneficiaries of a pensioner who died, as is the case due to widowhood, orphanhood and ascendants, have the right to receive payment of the pension.

Recommendations for older adults when they come for their pension

The covid pandemic has caused the way in which pensioners should take care of themselves when they go to withdraw the amount of the pension, therefore, the institute recommends taking care of the elderly when collecting their pension so that they do not get the disease .

Some measures that the IMSS recommends are not to attend the payment day to make the deposit withdrawal in the corresponding bank branches, withdraw the payment days after deposit where there is not much agglomeration.

In the same way, the institute recommends making purchases with bank cards in authorized establishments, this in order to reduce the use of cash. On the other hand, if there is a pending payment that they have to make, such as electricity, water, internet, among others, it is best to do it through digital platforms.

If you do not receive the payment of your pension on the indicated date, the IMSS advises that the beneficiary report it at the Economic Benefits windows of their Family Medicine Unit (UMF); You can also do it at the Department of Pensions in your IMSS Subdelegation or call 800 623 2323, in Option 3 of « Pensioners ».

If you want to know more information about pensions visit our Retirement section.

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