Twitter Fleets: You can also tell temporary stories

Currently, social networks are an important part of our lives, because they provide us with the facility to interact with other users and continue to communicate with some people who are in another country or state.

They have also become our best strategy to cope with the effects of the new normal where communication at a distance is required.

Twitter now has a new tool. Photo: Pixabay

Twitter now has a new tool that you can use to communicate in an even easier way, this function was being tested in Brazil, Italy, India and South Korea, its availability in other countries has been gradually given.

It is about Twitter Fleets, which consists in that the texts, videos, photos or what is published have a duration of 24 hours. Due to this feature, it has a similarity in Instagram stories.

Design director Joshua Harris said that in the countries that Twitter Fleets was tested, he was able to observe that this tool made users feel more comfortable.

How is Twitter Fleets used?

It is easy to use this tool, you just have to click on the share button and then press share in Fleet, you can also add a text or icon.

In addition, Twitter foresees that in the future, the stickers as well as live presentations will be available on Fleets.

Also, Sam Havenson, product manager, supports Harris’s idea since he affirms that they have been learning how this tool makes users feel more comfortable.

According to the Twitter statement, this tool will be available very soon elsewhere for both iOS and Android.

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