Tips to win in Among Us if you are a crew member or impostor

Video games are not only fun but also help develop skills, for example in the case of Among Us it has a dynamic like board games, it is also a multiplayer that has been in force since 2018

Of the characteristics of this video game are its 2D graphics, you can also customize your character with accessories and adding a username. Besides being entertaining, it boosts the creativity of the players.

Spot the imposter. Screenshot

The game must start with a minimum of four and a maximum of ten players. It takes place in a space station where everyone is trapped and have to carry out some tasks in order to ensure the operation of the ship and win the game. However, there will be between one to three impostors who must finish off each of the crew. Here are some tips in case you are the crew member or the imposter.

In case of being the crew member:

1. You must see the map

During the game you will have to be checking the station map so as not to get lost and to be able to find the rooms where you have to carry out your missions. So you should get used to opening and closing the map quickly while moving.

2. You have to be alert to the movements of others

During the game you have to keep track of the place where each of the crew members is, so you can find out who is preparing missions, or also identify those who have suspicious behavior.

3. Everyone can be the impostor

You must be very bold not to fall for the deceit of the infiltrator, you have to carefully observe each of the crew, as they will try to convince you that they are not the impostor. So don’t trust anyone, even those around emergency tasks.

4. Consider being around the other crew members

You must take into account that a good option is to stay close to the other players so that they observe the missions you carry out and do not raise suspicions about you.

5. Finish your missions

The impostor will boycott the ship with the end that you carry out maintenance missions, it is better to do them in time because otherwise you can lose the game in favor of the infiltrator.

In case of being the impostor:

1. Don’t kill the crew immediately

If you are the impostor you have to consider that you must keep yourself hidden among others, you must take steps to deceive them. If you have an impulsive behavior that arouses suspicion, you will be detected immediately and the game is over.

2. Be careful with the cameras

You must be careful with the camera areas, because if you kill near it someone can observe you and you will be detected.

3. Use the vents

You better learn how to use the vents, because only the imposter can slip through them. In this way, you can move easier but you have to be careful that no one sees you because they will know that you are the infiltrator.

4. Take advantage of the doors

The impostor can close the doors that separate the rooms, so you can lock up one of the crew for a short time, in addition to creating a visibility blockage that is inside.

5. You have to do different sabotages

It is not advisable to do the same boycotts, it is better to start with the oxygen tank, then the engines and then the lighting. All this is a plan so that they do not suspect you and you can be the winner.

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