Save on your electricity bill: devices that are better to disconnect

At home there are always devices connected even if it is not being used, this is a very frequent error. Now with the new normal, the time spent at home is longer and therefore energy consumption is high.

Remote work and virtual school activities, as well as other entertainment such as watching movies, are the most performed and necessary to make the isolation derived from the pandemic enjoyable.

Don’t have multiple unused connected devices. Photo: Pixabay

For this reason, it is important to identify which appliances consume the most electricity to implement strategies to reduce this expense. Next, we will tell you some tips that you can carry out to save in this area.

1. Electric shower

Due to the same season and the change of climate, the electric shower has begun to be used more frequently. It is recommended that when bathing lasts 10 minutes, because the longer you last, the energy use increases.

2. Videogames

The use of video games has increased in our homes, but you must consider that a switched off console consumes about 1 watt, if it is left ready to use, approximately 23.3 watts are spent. In case it is not being used, it is best to disconnect it, in this way you will be saving electricity.

3. Televisions, computers, radios or sound equipment

These devices do not consume much energy compared to others, but you have to take into account that if you have several plugged in, they can generate a high cost on your electricity bill. Just a single connected desktop computer requires approximately 2.8 watts.

4. Cell phone chargers

Sometimes the charger of your mobile device is left connected without being connected to it, it is advisable to have it plugged in only when your cell phone occupies it, also you should not leave it for a long time because not only does it consume energy but it can become excessively hot and cause an accident .

5. Washers

You should take the opportunity to put several garments in this appliance and wash at the same time, so you can save time, water, soap and above all energy. When you finish remember to disconnect it.

Finally, another very important thing you must do is disconnect everything before going to sleep, so you will achieve more efficient savings.

For you to continue being informed about this and other related topics, we suggest you visit our Savings section

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