Pablo Hiriart, Raymundo Riva Palacio and Jonathan Ruiz, among the most read columns of the week

The readers of The financial they liked these five columns that were the most read, from the week that ran from November 16 to 20. The opinions of our analysts stand out Pablo Hiriart, Raymundo Riva Palacio Y Jonathan Ruiz.

The president of United States, Donald Trump, and his followers continue to protest against what they call a « fraud. » When will this end? Is something wrong with president of Mexico? Some federal officials are beginning to raise concern. What does it mean to open a store Liverpool?

You will find this and more by reading these five columns:

1. First great defeat, first

Pablo Hiriart says that while Donald Trump continues with his protests and comments, it is inevitable that the Democratic candidate Joe Biden will take office as president of the United States on January 20. He claims that there is no way around it, which is great news for the world.

« So Donald Trump blocks Freedom Plaza, where his supporters protesting against » fraud « marched on Saturday, Joe Biden will take office as president of the United States on January 20, because he won by more than five million popular votes, » he writes.

2. Does the President have anything?

The analyst Raymundo Riva Palacio questions that something is happening with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who certainly does not know what it is. Some officials on your team find you withdrawn and distracted from fundamental issues.

« The cabinet meetings in the mornings at the National Palace have served as an internal thermometer of where the President’s head is, and where are his priorities. And the truth, according to comments from his collaborators, is not understood his logic or how your mind works, « he says.

3. What if Liverpool no longer opens any more stores?

If Oxxo opens a store, says Jonathan Ruiz Torre, it is a warning of the urbanization of a town.
But if Liverpool opens a warehouse, the caveat is that a city has been born, he says. Why?

« Until the first half of the year, Liverpool boasted that its sales grew more than those of Mercado Libre, but not even with that leap did it reach the value of the merchandise sold by the twenty-year-old company of Argentine origin that today is already worth 16 times more than the Mexican, « he explains.

4. From alleged criminal to luxury witness

Lourdes Mendoza explains what time it turns out that the star witness to evidence the alleged acts of corruption in Pemex is Froylán Gracia Galicia, the mysterious right hand of Emilio Lozoya. However, the columnist says that this man is lying again.

« Mexico lost billions of dollars with Froylán and Emilio, who should deliver something that does not sound like a ‘duckling’ test so that Alejandro Gertz Manero’s FGR could consider their ‘statements’, because every time they go out to accuse someone their arguments fall apart with reality, « he writes.

5. Even bakers go, why doesn’t someone from the CFE go?

Jonathan Ruiz tells us that the world depends more and more on electricity and less and less on coal or gasoline. Also comment on the event called Latam Energy Summit, Renewables, Hydrogen, Storage and New Trends.

« Companies from Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia will participate, including a representative from a global company of Mexican origin, Bimbo, » he says.

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