Nokia 6300 4G will return with WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube and low price

The technology company Nokia, a telephony leader during the 1990s and a serious competitor in the 2000s, fell by the wayside at some point against strong competitors such as Samsung, Apple, Motorola, Huawei and a long list of manufacturers. In recent years it has introduced interesting smartphones, however, it always maintains the classic equipment with which it was a leader and for which many users feel a certain nostalgia. For that market, the company would be launching the Nokia 6300 4G.

It is a very basic use model that has elementary characteristics, for example, it has a Snapdragon 210 processor with just 512 RAM, something unthinkable for any modern device but Nokia trusts that it will be enough memory for a basic model like the new Nokia 6300 4G. It also has 4GB of internal storage, although by means of a Micro SD memory you can expand it up to 32 GB.

Nokia 6300 4G will return with WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube and at very attractive prices. | Source:

Nokia 6300 4G highlights:

2.4-inch color screen Snapdragon 210 processor KaiOS operating system 512 RAM memory Storage: 4GB 32GB MicroSD slot 1,500 mAh battery (will last more than 20 days) MicroUSB port Supports 4G networks Wi-Fi friendly Rear VGA camera with flashlight / flash GPS Bluetooth FM Radio Dual SIM Headphone Jack in some versions

The new Nokia 6300 4G out of the box will come with pre-installed applications, such as Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTubeTherefore, we are talking about a team that has the basics to communicate and listen to music or radio. You will even have the possibility to use Google assistant for reminders and answering questions. You can also use Google maps.

If you are looking for a phone to take on vacation with the idea of ​​disconnecting from work or in general from the digital world, but you don’t want to be cut off, this device could be the ideal one for you.

The Nokia 6300 4G price in Europe it will be 49 Euros; equivalent to $ 59 of United States; convertible to thousand 200 Mexican pesos approximately. In Europe it is already on sale and will soon move to more markets.

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