Mexico Libre will run in the 2021 elections; will be in alliance with parties and promote independent candidacies

The organization México Libre announced this Saturday that it will run in next year’s midterm elections with own candidates or in alliance with political parties.

The group of the former candidate for the Presidency, Margarita Zavala, explained that the National Executive Commission authorized the leadership to continue dialogues with opposition groups.

« (This) with a view to building possible political-electoral alliances that allow building an effective counterweight to presidential power in the Congress of the Union « , indicated México Libre.

The organization added that it aims to run for governorships (15 will be played in 2021), local councils and municipal presidential councils.

México Libre added that it will also nominate, independently, activists who « because of their trajectory, ethics, leadership, proposals and social commitment, share the ideals of the organization and are a reference in their communities. »

The National Electoral Institute (INE) denied this group registration as a political party on September 4.

At the time, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed that this decision represented « a triumph for Mexico. »

The main argument for denying registration was that more than 5 percent of Mexico Libre’s resources were not fully identified in origin.

The organization’s leadership challenged the measure taken by the INE, but the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Branch endorsed in October not granting the registration.

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