he would have kept tax money you paid for your plane tickets

The possible fraud charges against Interjet and its top executives, which could be presented before the end of the year or early next year without an agreement, are derived from whether the company collected taxes from customers and employees but did not send the money to the governmentsaid an official with knowledge of the matter.

The allegedly unpaid taxes from Interjet are part of 6,200 million pesos in government claimssaid the official, who asked not to be identified because tax cases are protected by privacy laws.

The tax bill of the airline amounts to 2 thousand 900 million pesos. In part because The company would have kept the funds withheld from employee income tax and value-added tax (VAT) payments from customers, according to an internal government document seen by Bloomberg News.

Interjet owes another 3,300 million pesos in others government fees and fuel costs of a state company, while other creditors seek another 7.5 billion pesos, according to the document.

Interjet said in response to questions that the figures were incorrect, but declined to detail other amounts. The airline did not respond to questions about the tax negotiations.

On Friday afternoon, it was announced that Miguel Alemán Magnani, Interjet’s CEO, and his father Miguel Alemán Velasco, president of the airline, could face fraud charges, as well as the company itself, the cited official said. Negotiations could still lead to an agreement, the person added.

Interjet’s alleged tax debts have complicated an effort to raise $ 150 million promised by a group of investors as a lifeline for the airline, which is struggling with the coronavirus pandemic and brought financial problems prior to COVID-19. Bloomberg News previously reported that investors have yet to transfer the funds out of fear that the government will take some of the money to cover unpaid taxes.

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