He is confident of winning a complete Morena car in 2021

TOLUCA, State of Mexico, November 20 (AN) .- The general secretary of the Executive Committee of Morena in the State of Mexico, Luz María Hernández Bermúdez, assured that her party will win most of the elections in dispute next year.

Next year, 21,000 popularly elected positions will be disputed, among them 15 states will renew their governors and the Morenista leader in the State of Mexico trusts that alliances with other parties will be the formula that consolidates the Fourth Transformation in the country.

« With the strategy of alliances, our political party will be able to win most of the election positions that will be disputed by 2021, » he said.

The leader indicated that she agrees with the policy of the national leadership to seek the best coalitions that allow it to win in the largest electoral process in the country’s history.

He said that the decision of the National Political Council to privilege the polls is also the most appropriate method to nominate the best women and men in Morena.

Hernández Bermúdez stressed that in the State of Mexico the considerations of the recently approved alliance policy will have to be followed, especially with the parties that have supported the Fourth Transformation such as the Labor Party (PT), PES and the Green Ecologist.

For the State of Mexico, the same strategy used for all entities will be followed, where elections will be held in the following year.

« Morena will have to win most of the spaces in dispute, by virtue of the fact that the opposition is also making alliances, which originally have serious problems due to ideological differences, as is the case with the PRI and the PAN.

« We in Morena, even though we have our differences, we are attached to the people, » said the also social activist who for many years has defended human rights, mainly of women.

The Morenoist leader indicated that proof of this is that her political party in the State of Mexico has many militants, but the sympathizers may be many more than those who are affiliated.

« That is why the call for unity must include all Mexicans, not only party members, because all together are the solution to the problems that the entity is going through, » he said.

He regretted that the « Mexican political elite » has disassociated themselves from the people, because that contributed to the crisis that is currently being experienced in the town.

At the same time, he said, it is an opportunity to show that there is unity in Morena.

Luz Ma Hernández deplored that the current Mexican government has stayed away from the problems that exist in the largest municipality in Latin America.

“They don’t have a project, they don’t even know the population and, unfortunately, the recess (due to the pandemic) has come to detract from their work.

« Despite the fact that we are in the year 2020, 17 percent of the population does not have a property title in the State of Mexico, and this is aggravated if the water problem is taken into account, to which we must add the violence against women, regardless of age or social or employment status, all together is a cocktail that threatens the life and tranquility of its inhabitants, « he considered.

He pointed out that the solution to this crisis is through the education of young people, because with education it is possible to separate them from drugs, bad behavior or violent acts and away from criminal organizations.

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