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ANDl #PodcastCulturaUNAM project is a platform designed to reach the audiences of young Internet users (and not so young) who have migrated to the digital world and who seek, among streaming services, the clue to that intelligent connection that emerges in concert halls, in front of a play, when visiting an art exhibition, at a specialist’s conference or reading the longed-for book. And they also seek specialized content on cultural issues.

The podcast aims to offer a spectrum of topics of diverse interest, in varied formats, which will be released weekly on the page, as well as on various streaming platforms, such as Spotify.

The project started last Friday, November 13 with the first installment of what will be a plural acoustic menu, which goes from literary cuisine (as a refuge from the pandemic apocalypse), to reflection on human rights; of the present and the future of music, to the responses that contemporary art offers to current problems, among other issues.

This feast of cultural podcasts began with Chapter 1 of La Cocina del Infierno, a monthly installment hosted by the writer and director of Radio UNAM, Benito Taibo, who in his first appearance led us to the most exuberant of Gabriel García Márquez’s universe through the food, all under the suggestive title: ‘El sancocho para el Jefe García’.

The series continues this Friday, November 20 with the Punto Ciego podcast, by specialists in contemporary art, Virginia Roy and Sol Henaro, who in this second installment will share the “Feminisms” capsule. In this space for reflection, artistic research and dialogue on how art responds to certain cultural, social and political conjunctures, the hosts interviewed the artist Lorena Wolffer and other guests, to discuss the complexity of the feminist movement in recent years, its strength of mobilization, its future, its struggles, its achievements and its possible future.

Through its weekly deliveries, in which a new chapter of some different sections will be presented every Friday, depending on the turn (Hell’s kitchen, Allegro with baton, Blind spot, Con / vers @ s, For human dignity, Scene suspended and Diary of wonder). The podcasts will address topics such as the relationship between cuisine and literature, music, contemporary art, human rights and the experiences of university students.

The present and future of classical music, from the point of view of the new generations, is the theme of Allegro with baton. A space where music and sound will be explored by the prestigious conductor Iván López Reynoso, associate director of the UNAM Philharmonic Orchestra (OFUNAM).

The writer Rosa Beltrán, head of the University House of the Book, is the host of Con / vers @ s, which will bring to the present the emotions and experiences that beings from different times and cultures have shared in crucial moments in history, to make them dialogue with those others that we face in this strange time of pandemic.

For human dignity will be under the leadership of the specialist in international criminal law, transitional justice and human rights, Jacobo Dayán. It is a space that, in the face of an environment of growing violence in the world, seeks to generate awareness and deepen the link between human rights, critical thinking and the work of the arts.

The director, playwright and teacher Mariana Gándara heads Suspended Scene, where she will recover the most memorable passages of Mexican theater in recent years, through the memories of her viewers. The creator wishes to remember that, beyond time and distance, the theater lives on in the memory of those who lived it.

Finally, university students will have a space in Diario de los amazros, a blog in which they will share the voice, thoughts and feelings of students. What happens in your life? What thoughts accompany you during the pandemic? What are your main interests?

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