5 tips to save when doing the supermarket

Are you one of those who goes to the supermarket and ends up buying extra things? This situation is usually very common, especially if you do not carry a list of the things you need. If you want to make an adjustment in your finances and save a little when you go to do the pantry, we give you some tips that you can apply.

The offers are usually a hook to attract buyers and if you are one of those who cannot resist them, it can be a bit more difficult to do the supermarket without bringing anything extra. Therefore, put these tips into practice to achieve this, remember to involve the whole family to create good financial habits.

Follow these tips to save at the supermarket. Photo: Reform 1. Make a list

The first and most important thing is to see what is missing at home and make a list with those items, this could help you not to buy extra things if you guide yourself from it. Buying only the necessary ingredients to prepare the dish you have in mind can make the difference between what you pay in the end, so focus only on what you have written down.

2. Only the necessary corridors

This is very important, if you want to avoid leaving the supermarket with extra things, do not walk through corridors where there are things you do not need. Be guided by your list and go where it is only necessary and if you already know where things are, it is best to go straight for them.

3. Research the offers

In general, supermarkets have offers on certain days of the week, for example, you may get cheaper vegetables on Mondays, meat on Tuesdays, among other things. Do not miss those promotions and take the opportunity to buy everything you need.

4. Don’t go so often

Going to the supermarket several times could end up with extra things that you do not need, so plan a single trip for everything you buy. It is best to avoid going several times, do it only when it is absolutely necessary.

5. Check what they charge you

This is very important since sometimes the price that it says is not the one they charge you, so we recommend you be aware of the screen so that if you detect that there is one that is more expensive, you can make the necessary clarification at the time.

For you to continue being informed about this and other related topics, we invite you to our Savings section.

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