WhatsApp: four functions of the app you need to know

WhatsApp is a very useful app for exchanging information both at work and with family and friends, it has several tools that go unnoticed by users. Sometimes we want our account just like the personalized chat and we don’t know how to do it.

There are basic functions of WhatsApp that most users know, but there are additional ones that are very useful and that you may not have known, here we will tell you some so that you have a better experience in this app.

You can customize the tones of your contacts. Photo: Pixabay

1. Disable automatic download so that data is not exhausted

WhatsApp downloads all the information that is received automatically, this can exhaust your data, as well as the storage. But the app has an option to choose what type of files you want to be downloaded automatically, you just have to go to the automatic downloads section and select the content time.

You can also enable the option to reduce data usage, in this way, the megabytes used by WhatsApp when making calls and video calls will be limited.

2. You can change the size of the emojis

Emojis are basic to express our emotions through chat, for example depending on the amount you add in the same message it will change its size, it will appear larger if you only send two.

3. Change the ringtones of your contacts and groups

This is a very useful tool and above all it is innovative, in this way just by listening to the tone that you have added for a contact or group you will know who is writing to you.

To change everything, you have to open the app and enter the settings menu and click on notifications. There a message and group will appear, you can select the sound you prefer.

Another alternative is to enter the chat that you want to change the sound. Click on the name of the contact at the top so you will have access to their profile information and select personalized notifications, finally, choose the tone for messages and calls.

4. Hide conversations

You can also hide the chats you want, you just have to press the conversation and then you have to select the square icon with a down arrow that appears in the top bar. This way it will stay archived but reappears when you send or receive a message from that contact or group.

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