What does Mexico need to grow at 4%? The CCE tells you

As « pathetic », he described Carlos Salazar Lomelín, president of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), the investment data of this year, so that from the union the objective of convincing the federal authority that investment is the only possibility that has to achieve better levels of welfare persists.

« According to the latest data from Inegi, investment has fallen 19 percent. We are going to end the year with an investment-to-GDP ratio of just 17 percent. If in Mexico there is at least 25 percent of investment with respect to GDP, the country will not grow or reach growth levels of 4 percent ”, warned Salazar Lomelín.

In the framework of the XLVIII National Convention of the IMEF, he explained that, within the CCE, it has been an obsession to promote investment « because we know that it is the only vehicle that could allow us to make our country have a different destiny. »

The president of the CCE pointed out that although there are 56 million people who belong to the PEA, only a little more than 20 million have a formal job, that is, they are subject to social security and have a pension program, while 35 million people are in the informal market and a million do not work.

« Informality lives around us and it seems to us that it is part of the scenario and perhaps there is the origin of the lack of productivity, lack of investment and lack of growth in our country, » said the representative of the business union.

“Gross fixed investment easily needs all the capital that we have saved in the Afores, private investment funds, in the banking system and in international funds because we are 24 months behind, in the last two years we have fallen by 24 percent in gross fixed investment ”, declared Luis Niño De Rivera Lajous, president of the ABM.

This means that we have not built new infrastructure, companies have not invested in plant and equipment, and Mexico is lagging behind in productive capacity, which puts us at a disadvantage compared to competitors in the world.

For his part, Antonio del Valle, president of the Mexican Business Council (CMN), considered that the reactivation of consumption is vital.

« It makes no sense to open the economy or businesses, and start with supply if we do not have a demand, which fell dramatically due to the closure of economic activities, » he said.

He concluded by saying that certainty is needed, it is not the same as trust, it is having the security of what is going to happen in the short, medium and long term. The certainty that the rules that are in play are the ones that will be applied and that they will not change them, or that they will be made retroactive, the rule of law is important to generate that certainty going forward.

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