We are reviewing ‘medicine’ with the private sector to boost the economy: Alfonso Romo

To say nothing of the contracting of debt or fiscal stimuli, the Head of the Office of the Presidency, Alfonso Romo, anticipated that the government is sitting with the private sector to review the type of support that sectors such as commerce, services or tourism to promote them in the context of economic recovery.

By participating this afternoon in the Virtual Conversation: Government, Business and Civil Society: How do we participate together in the economic reactivation of Mexico? « , Organized by the Universidad Panamericana, pointed out that there are sectors linked to the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC) that are already showing a recovery at pre-pandemic levels, but there are others who need support.

“All sectors related to the T-MEC are practically already at pre-pandemic levels, agriculture is growing at rates of 5 percent, but the service sector it is suffering a lot throughout the world, so right now we are sitting down with different sectors to see what medicine we have to do by sector, we cannot generalize ”, he said.

Romo said it’s getting done a sector-by-sector analysis because, on the one hand, natural value chains in many sectors are already at a pre-pandemic level, however, there are very weak sectors that it is very complex to help massively, such as tourism or services.

« We are sitting down with the sectors and by regions of the country to see where we would have more impact because with everything it is not possible, so we want to be able to do it with precision because we do not have the systems to massively lower resources either, we have to shore up the most important thing, » he said. UP students.

Romo said that “the resources that we have ready to invest, for example, The bench she is sitting with us, we are seeing what we have to push and when so that the chips do not run out, then it is not so easy ”.

The head of the Office of the President He stated that the energy sector has been the one that has been the most difficult to get started in terms of investments in the first two years of the president’s government Andrés Manuel López Obrador, however, he estimated that from now on there could be private companies investing in Mexican oil to increase your production.

« Without infrastructure we cannot have Pemex productive or competitive, during the first year of the energy reform Many permits were given with a lot of lack of control, there was a lot of abuse, so we have taken a long time to analyze what was good and what was bad, there we lost a lot of time.

« I believe that from now on with the challenges facing the country, this will become clearer and then we will gradually see and announce projects where the private sector complements Pemex and is not confronted, » he said.

On another issue, Romo was questioned about the initiative that prohibits outsourcing, to which he limited himself to saying that this reform is seeking « to remove vices, but not the benefits » of the scheme.

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