They arrest two people linked to the murder of the mayor of Jamapa, Veracruz

Xalapa, Ver.- The prosecutor of the state of Veracruz, Verónica Hernández Giadáns, confirmed that there are two people detained by the alleged murder of the mayor of Jamapa, Florisel Ríos Delfín.

He pointed out that there are strong indications that both detainees are strongly linked to the events, however, he said he did not release further information due to the secrecy to which he is obliged by law.

« We are doing very well, indeed there are two detainees who are involved in this unfortunate murder, » said the official.

He pointed out that there are currently two lines of investigation that are being followed, which leaves out one of those previously announced, since it had been pointed out that there were three aspects in the case.

The governor of the state of Veracruz, Cuitláhuac García Jiménez, said a few days ago that one of the main suspicions surrounding the case is that some ties to the mayor were responsible for the events.

There have also been notes in local media that indicate that the detainees belong to the close circle of Ríos Delfín, however this could not be confirmed by the prosecutor.

On November 11, an armed group kidnapped and murdered the mayor of Jamapa, her body was found in the neighboring municipality of Medellín de Bravo, where the authorities began investigations.

A few kilometers away, on a rural road, the municipal president’s vehicle was found, in which her captors fled the place.

So far, the Attorney General of the State of Veracruz continues with the investigations and in the case of the two people arrested so far their files have not been prosecuted.

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