The Good End: what have been the best-selling items

There are still a few days to complete the Good End event, in this regard, the head of the Federal Consumer Attorney Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, said that sales are 20% higher compared to the previous year.

He emphasized that Profeco has provided 5,906 consultancies, with 59,920 inquiries from the Who’s Who site in prices so that you have the necessary information and really identify if a true offer is being offered.

Liverpool is one of the stores with very attractive offers. Photo: Reforma

What has been the best seller?

Based on information from Profeco, during the Good End event, the products that have sold the most are three and correspond to clothes, shoes and displays.

What are the products that have had the most complaints from buyers?

Continuing with the data provided from Profeco, the three best-selling items are also the ones that have reported the most complaints. Sheffield expressed that this has been due to very confusing offers, since there are several chains that sell these products that have put up promotions that are not clear.

Regarding the issue of screens, he added that the establishments with the highest complaints have been Walmart with 43%; Elektra 7%; Chedraui and Home Depot with 3%, respectively.

He also notified that the great or more attractive offers during this Good End have been located in stores Sears and Liverpool.

Based on the previous data, it is observed that the most sold items correspond to screens, clothing and footwear, and an increase in the purchase of alcohol has also been reported.

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