Has your computer got slow? 5 tips to fix it

Many homes in Mexico have at least one computer, because it is no longer a luxury but has become part of our basic needs. It is required to carry out the daily activities that concern work and school. Especially now that its use has become even more accentuated, derived from the new normal, we have had to adjust to this modality that requires one to carry out our tasks.

It is common that sometimes the computer becomes somewhat slow, this can be due to several factors, for example the inappropriate use of the article. But don’t worry, if you don’t currently have the speed you need, here are five tips to solve this problem.

Clean your computer desk frequently. Photo: Pixabay

1. Disable the apps you don’t use

From the time that a computer is acquired, a variety of applications that we required at the time but that is no longer the case, although the apps are not used, they continue to have updates in the background.

This can be one of the causes of slowness on your computer, so it is important to uninstall them, just follow these steps:

Enter Windows settings and select the applications option It will take you to the applications menu, there you can search for the specific apps Select the ones you don’t use Then click uninstall

Remember to pay close attention to which ones you will delete, you must be careful not to delete those from Microsoft, which are for the basic functions that the system needs to function.

2. Don’t fill your desktop with files and apps

You have to know that when you turn on your computer Windows starts and for this you have to load everything you have on the desktop.

That is why it is better that you try not to have it full of shortcuts or other files, since it will take a long time to start, it is advisable to do a clean on your desktop.

You should review those that are necessary to have it there and those that you cannot create a letter on the desktop and add them there.

3. Manage the apps that run on startup

Some applications when installed tend to configure themselves to be able to run automatically when the computer starts, and this may be another element that is slower.

So that it does not happen you can go to the task manager, you just have to press Control + Alt + Delete and there you select it, you will find a list of the applications to try to configure at startup.

In this way you will be able to identify and decide which ones you do not want to run automatically at startup, you just have to select them and click disable.

4. Verify that your computer does not have malware

Another factor of slowness may be due to having a virus or malware, it is advisable to add an antivirus. Now there are many alternatives that you can turn to, some you can download for free and others maintain a cost but not so high.

You can review the benefits offered by the different antivirus so that you can make the most convenient decision according to the characteristics of your computer.

5. Free up hard drive space

A good option to recover the speed is to free space on your hard drive, you can do it through a Windows 10 option, you just have to do the following:

Enter the start menu and type cleanmgr, there you will see the disk space cleaner application. Then click on it. Then in the pop-up menu, select run as administrator so that the options that there are will be displayed. A window will appear in which you will have to select the hard drive you prefer to clean to free up the space, then just click on accept.

The disk space cleaner will calculate the files it can clean and the space it can save you, the process time depends on your computer, as well as the accumulated files, it can be from a few seconds to minutes.

At the end, the application will show the list of files that it can delete as well as the space that it would free up. When you select each one you want to remove, the details that will be deleted will appear.

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