Dollar price today Monday, November 16, current exchange rate

Mexico City. Today, Monday, November 16, the dollar stands at $ 20.26 Mexican pesos trending up, according to Although today is a holiday in Mexico, it must be remembered that the markets are still active. At this time, the United States currency has decreased compared to its price on Friday, when it closed at 20.40 pesos per unit.

During this day, the currency markets operated with changes due to the result of the tests with the vaccine against Covid-19 that the Moderna laboratory develops, which showed a 94.5% effectiveness against the virus. The Data Security Monitoring Board was the one who did the analysis. This caused the company’s shares to rise to 13% at the pre-opening.

Most of the stock exchanges in the world registered a good day, because the news about this vaccine and that of Pfizer, which would present 90% of effectiveness, give optimistic momentum in the markets. In Europe, equity markets ended at highs that had not been seen since April.

Thus, the perception is growing that with the development of these drugs, the confinement or restrictions that have affected global economic activities will decrease significantly, although the production and distribution channels for vaccines still need to be established (and resolved) in an operational manner.

In addition, the Chinese industrial production data were also a sign in favor of the recovery, as they exceeded the interannual growth expected for October: they reached 6.9%, when the forecast was 6.5%.

Exchange rate: Dollar price in real time:

Regarding the exchange rate in the different banks of Mexico, the price of the dollar reaches its highest level for sale at $ 22.20 at Scotiabank, while the lowest for purchase is at $ 19.25 at Banorte, IXE, according to Regarding the euro, it is priced at $ 24.04 pesos, for $ 26.75 pesos of the pound sterling overall average.

Oil prices in real time:

According to, WTI oil is at $ 41.45 per barrel on its December 2020 orders trending up. Brent oil is at 43.91 dollars per barrel in its orders for January 2021, with a downward trend.

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