Do your children use the internet? 7 tips to make it safer

Now children at an early age already have access to the internet due to the fact that they are able to take their virtual classes as well as carry out their homework. It is also a medium that facilitates entertainment through various platforms to play games, listen to music and watch movies.

However, on the Internet there are also a variety of dangers, especially for the smallest of the home, for this reason here we offer you some tips for your children to use the Internet properly and above all in a safe way.

On all devices you can configure your privacy. Photo: Pixabay

1. Talk about using the internet

One of the basic things is to discuss with your child what the internet is and what it is for, as well as how to explain the dangers that are there. It is important to define which social networks they can use and which websites they will be allowed.

In addition, it is recommended that you monitor the accounts they use, that is, you have to manage who can have access to them and about the people who accept or not in your network.

2.- Teach them not to accept strangers

Remember that your children can take risks when browsing the internet, whether they are children or adolescents, it is essential that you talk with them and explain that even if a profile is reflected in their networks with some common interest, they should not accept it if they do not know it.

3. Restrict unwanted content

Now there are a variety of applications to configure websites and even block pages, you can make use of one of them to provide greater security for your children. In this way, you will prevent your child from having access to content that is not according to their age.

4. Activate an antivirus

It is recommended that all devices have an antivirus, specifically children who are vulnerable to falling into some misleading pages or links that take them to other websites that can be dangerous.

5. Define a schedule

It is easy to spend hours browsing the internet, especially when it is entertainment, for this reason it is recommended that you establish a schedule so that your children can use this service.

6. Do not provide your personal data

Children are a vulnerable population to various dangers and it is easy for someone to hook them with deception, so it is better to encourage them not to provide important information such as their home address, school, name or parents’ information, as well as telephone numbers.

7. Privacy in social networks

Something that you also have to consider is to instill in them the management of their privacy, for example the appropriate photos that they can add that do not reveal confidential data such as the school uniform.

Using these tips and other strategies that you consider appropriate, your children will be able to surf the Internet safely and also learn to use it in an intelligent way.

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