Asteroid brushed the Earth … and we didn’t even see it, among other notes so that you forget about COVID-19

Today we bring you news about an asteroid that passed through the Earth this month breaking an approach record, the new thousand peso bill, a new Funko figure and more …

An asteroid between 5 and 10 meters passed closer than any other to Earth on November 13.

The asteroid known as 2020 VT4 passed about 370 kilometers from Earth and was discovered 15 hours after its closest approach by the Asteroid Earth Impact Last Warning System (ATLAS), at the Manuna Loa Observer in Hawaii.

This pass over the South Pacific near the Pitcairn Islands at night. No satellite, including the International Space Station that was orbiting the South Atlantic at the time, was affected by the passage of VT4 2020.

2020 VT4 passed closer than any known asteroid, breaking the record for the 2020 QG and 2011 CQ1, which passed at about 3,000 and 5,500 km, respectively.

VT4 2020 will pass close to Earth again on November 13, 2052, but somewhat further, about 2.5 million kilometers.

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The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) presented the new thousand-peso bill that comes into circulation from this Thursday, and that pays tribute to the Mexican Revolution.

Paper money is the fourth member of the G family, which is attached to the 500, 200 and 100 peso bills.

The predominant color of the bill is gray and it is printed on cotton paper, explained Alejandro Díaz de León, governor of Banxico.

On its obverse, the note has the effigies of Carmen Serdán, Hermila Galindo and Francisco I. Madero, with a locomotive in the background.

On the other hand, on the reverse the paper money represents the ecosystem of the humid forests and the main building of the Mayan city of Calakmul, natural and cultural heritage of humanity.

In addition, the figure of the jaguar, a species whose conservation is a priority in the natural reserve of the site, and the ceiba and sapote trees also appear. In the cups of these specimens, users will be able to see the representation of a spider monkey.

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Funko announced this Thursday that it will soon put an Eminem figure on sale in the movie 8 Mile.

The figure represents James ‘B-Rabbit’ Smith Jr., the character he plays in the film, according to the image featured on Funko’s official Instagram account.

The doll, which is dressed in the clothes that the rapper shows in 8 Mile, is currently only available for shipments in the United States.

The film is based on the first steps in the world of rap by Eminem and how he wants to earn respect among black rappers. The film won an Oscar for best original song for Lose Yourself, being the first film to win a statuette for a hip-hop song.

The Spanish Rafael Nadal makes his serve against the Greek Stefanos Tsitipas.AP

Rafael Nadal advanced to the semifinals of the Masters Cup, something he had not achieved in five years, and eliminated the defending champion to do so.

The Spaniard beat Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas on Thursday 6-4, 4-6, 6-2 at the O2 Arena.

It is the sixth time in 10 appearances that Nadal has reached the season-ending top four round of the tournament. The scepter of this tournament is the most relevant one that is missing from the Mallorcan’s showcases in his illustrious career.

Tsitsipas claimed the title on their first attempt last year, but was eliminated after suffering their second defeat in the group stage. He was doomed by his feeble serve in the third set, during which he suffered three breaks.

Nadal never looked threatened with his serve, until the last game of the second set, in which he committed a double fault that gave the Greek a chance to return to the game.

Suddenly, none of the rivals could hold the serve. The third heat began with three consecutive breaks and Nadal took the lead 2-1.

Finally, the Spaniard kept his serve and broke that of his adversary to get to 5-2. He secured victory in his second match point.

With information from AP

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