AMLO’s reforms to outsourcing, to an ‘open parliament’ of deputies

The Chamber of Deputies agreed to submit to virtual forums of « open parliament » for just two days the initiative of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to eliminate or regulate the outsourcing or subcontracting of workers.

Just after reporting the receipt of the initiative, the boards of directors of the United Finance and Labor commissions unanimously endorsed the holding of discussion forums to analyze the reform proposal, which will be held next Monday and Tuesday, 23 and 24 November, at 11:00 am, through digital platforms.

In the events, representatives of the labor and business sectors will participate, who will give their opinion on the presidential proposal to reform, add and repeal provisions of the Federal Labor, Social Security laws and that of the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers, as well such as the Fiscal Code of the Federation and the laws of Income Tax and Value Added Tax.

Legislators revealed that it is planned to approve these reforms next week in committees and in plenary session, after only two days of virtual forums

In an extraordinary meeting, the president of the Finance Commission, deputy Patricia Terrazas Baca, of the PAN, proposed studying the initiative because, she considered, « many details are missing. »

The legislator called to take care of foreign and domestic investment, because « if we are going to change the rules without a thorough analysis we can make mistakes that can cost many workers their jobs.

Regarding the open parliament, he indicated that the microsites of the Finance and Labor commissions will be open for participants to register. There will be tables of analysis regarding social security, Infonavit and tax issues.

The president of the Labor and Social Welfare Commission, deputy Manuel de Jesús Baldenebro Arredondo, of the Social Encounter Party, specified that the speakers will be able to register on the digital link of both commissions. The number of participants will be determined according to the number of registered participants and the rest will send their suggestions in writing.

In a first meeting between the parliamentary groups, the PT deputy, Margarita García García, pointed out that with this reform the working class will have forcefulness to enjoy their full labor rights.

Deputy Anita Sánchez Castro, from Morena, secretary of the Labor Commission, spoke out in favor of the initiative because subcontracting violates the rights of free unionization and the signing of collective contracts. « Outsourcing violates labor precepts and damages the public Treasury, » he said.

The also deputy of Morena, Marco Antonio Medina Pérez, congratulated himself for starting the analysis of the Executive’s initiative, in order to rule on it and that « the social rights of workers are shielded. » The proposal to regulate subcontracting, specialized services and employment agencies has fair and clear principles, he said.

From the same bench, Deputy Benjamín Saúl Huerta Corona recognized the willingness of the presidents of the Finance and Labor commissions to start the discussion of the issue, since they have the opportunity to give workers a benefit that was taken away by twist some parts of the law. Outsourcing became a source of perversion and illicit enrichment, he warned.

The deputy Isaías González Cuevas, of the PRI, announced that « we see this initiative of the Executive as complete and excellent and we agree with the articles and the reforms to the Labor, IMSS and Infonavit laws. »

He clarified that subcontracting will continue in specialized and temporary sectors, such as construction. « Jobs will not be lost because companies generate them, » he said.

Morena’s deputy, Manuel Gómez Ventura, said that this reform will not only be an achievement for millions of workers who work in this crafty figure and for the public treasury. “Not only will people be prevented from being used as objects, but it will also ensure that there is justice in social security and housing; seniority in companies and public institutions that still have this status will be respected ”, he commented.

The MC coordinator, deputy Tonatiuh Bravo Padilla, proposed to make an adequate evaluation because « subcontracting is not the same in the field, industry, services and the public sector, nor in the different productive branches. »

He warned of a « possible tightening to avoid tax evasion with the risk of increasing informality » and asked that the Mypimes participate in the open parliament and be heard, because they create jobs.

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