Senate generally approves its comprehensive regulation

The Plenary of the Senate of the Republic approved this Thursday in general the comprehensive regulation of both consumption and trade of the marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes, by which the Article 81 of the Federal Health Law.

The draft decree – generally approved with 82 votes in favor, 18 against and 7 abstentions – contemplates a new legal order to regulate and control the consumption, production and trade of cannabis; Also, look for reforms and
additions to the General Health Law, the Federal Penal Code, the Federal Law
against Organized Crime, and the Special Tax Law on
Production and Services.

The decree also provides for the creation of the Law for the Regulation of Cannabis, and the Mexican Institute of Regulation and Control
by Cannabis

East Institute will be « a decentralized public body of the Secretariat of
Health, in charge of regulating, regulating, monitoring, sanctioning and evaluating the
cannabis regulation system
« says the opinion.

If the project is fully approved, the Mexican Institute of Regulation and Control
Cannabis will give permits for all those who want to sell products related to cannabis.

The people may carry up to 5 grams of marijuana for personal consumption, which you must buy in establishments with permission.

The consumption will be in private or in places established by law. You may not smoke marijuana in the following cases: if you are in front of minors; if you are in smoke-free places; if it is in places with massive concentration of people; if other people don’t want to smell the smoke; among other provisions.

The opinion also covers the self-consumption: each person can have up to 4 cannabis plants in their home; If more than two live in the same house, it can be up to 6 floors.

Before the initiative moves forward, the General Law for the Regulation of Cannabis it must go to the Chamber of Deputies for review before the end of the current legislature on December 15.

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