SCT ensures that there is rapprochement with airlines to avoid bankruptcies due to pandemic

The Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) has approached airlines to avoid bankruptcies caused by the financial crisis of COVID-19, Jorge Arganis Díaz, head of the agency, said in attendance.

“In supporting companies in the sector, the SCT had constant communication with the National Air Transport Chamber since the beginning of the pandemic, we have talked with all the airlines and supported as much as possible (…) We have tried to help so that they do not go bankrupt, « he told deputies of the United Communications and Transport and Infrastructure commissions.

In that sense, he said that at the Mexico City International Airport discounts were granted in airport service rates of 100 percent in April and May, 60 percent in June and 20 percent in August.

“Regarding the leasing contracts, 40 percent was authorized from April to May and 20 percent in June, Airports and Auxiliary Services granted expansion of credit services in fuel services and rate discounts for airport and rental services « , said.

He commented that there are lines such as Volaris who have been less affected, while in the case of Interjet, he stressed, the company has a problem with the SAT and debt with ASA for services and fuels.

“We are talking and seeing how to support them so that they do not go bankrupt and can continue to pay their salaries, however this is a situation that we have to do together with the company. The company has to make a special effort, obtain financing and obtain loans ”, he pointed out.

The air crisis in the country caused a 90 percent drop in flight operations, according to the SCT, from 1,300 to 60 operations per day. In April and May, the number of passengers had a reduction of practically 94 percent compared to last year.

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