Save on your family finances: 6 tips to use less gas

Household expenses never end, but you can reduce them by implementing savings strategies in services such as water, electricity and also in LP gas. Cooking is an elementary practice, to do it requires other services that affect our pocket.

To save gas you can take strategies when cooking, if you do not know how to do not worry, here we will tell you some.

Compare the size of the pots to the size of the burners. Photo: Pixabay

1. Use the burners properly

When cooking in order to preserve the heat and heat the food faster, it is important that the size of the burners does not exceed that of the pot or pan.

2. Use the tapas

Another option so that the heat is preserved is to place a lid on the container that is being used, in this way the cooking time will be less.

3. Check the color of the flame

This is very important, you must check the color of the flame if it is yellow, it means that an incomplete burning process has been carried out, which indicates that the gas is not being fully used. If this happens, it is best to contact an expert to review it.

4. Do not exceed the boiling point

You have to know that when the food you have in the pot boils, it indicates that it has reached the highest temperature and it will no longer heat up. In this case you will be wasting the flame and also the gas, if you want to keep boiling to add seasoning, this can be done with a low flame.

5. Invest in pressure cookers

This type of pots reaches 120 ° C which is higher compared to those in common use, also with this material you can cook more threadbare and the best thing is that the gas consumption will decrease.

6. Try to prepare meals in large quantities

You can cook some meals for the whole week, this way you not only save gas but time.

With these strategies you can reduce gas consumption, you can also manage your consumption and something very important is to prevent leaks.

To keep you informed about this and other related topics, we suggest you visit our Savings section.

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